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Post by Cole Foster on Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:25 pm

1.) No over-powered characters. Meaning, no being unable to be defeated, no having every power imaginable for your kind, and no being related to God/Lucifer in any way.

2.) No killing/seriously injuring another member's character without first settling it with them. Settle it in Chat-box or PMs, not in RP areas.

3.) No cyber-bullying. This is a HUGE rule or any site. Cyber-bullying or just bullying in general has led to the loss of many lives in the U.S., and not only there. If anyone is caught bullying or reported to an Admin for doing it, they will be questioned and if they Admins decide to do so without giving them a warning, they will ban the account from the chat-box to prevent it from happening. If they make another account and continue, both accounts will be banned from the site.

4.) You don't know the age of our members, so try to keep things appropriate and low-medium leveled for the sake of younger members.

5.) No use of drugs or drug references. I will allow limited drinking/smoking, but drugs is crossing the line. When I say limited drinking/smoking.. I mean limited. No chain-smoking, no alcoholic characters, etc.

6.) No cussing in RP. In RP, censor your cussing. But in chat-box, cussing will be allowed, just not directed at another player. (Example : fuck = fudge. shit = shoot/shitakimushrooms)

7.) No double posting. Any double posts and replies to double posting will be deleted. If you have something to add, edit it in.

8.) Bios MUST be posted within a week of joining. There is no avoiding this.

9.) Must post at least twice a week unless person you RP with is absent or you tell an admin you'll be gone.

10.) If you'll be absent 5+ days, PM and admin or email me telling the reason and when you think you'll be back.

11.) No more than 2 accounts per member. If you make another account, PM me letting me know it's you so I know how many accounts you have. DO NOT LIE ABOUT IT.

12.) You cannot RP as more than 2 characters on one account. You cannot have 2 bios for that account, but you can talk for 2 characters of yours if your character lives with another person that isn't a member.

13.) Bios MUST match the bio template. No exceptions.

14.) No RP/talking for another person's character. THIS GETS VERY ANNOYING.
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